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Who Let The Sharks Out?

So what you need to know about this picture is that it represents the worst of what is wrong with the American legal system: shark like unscrupulous attorneys and the lax Judges who let them perpetrate their farce on American citizens.

And yes, I know these are not shark pictures, they are actually killer whales, Orcinus orca whales to be more scientifically correct. But who let the sharks out had a better ring to it! You wouldn’t read this article if it was titled “who let the Orcinus orca whales out?” would you?

Everyone I know has a righteous indignation towards deadbeat Dads who neglect their financial responsibilities to the children they fathered into this world. There is no place in my heart for those men who try to beat the system and not pay their fair share of their children’s’ upkeep.

That there exist in our society men; (if they could be called men at all), who engage in such atrocious “deadbeatness” is an undeniable and sad reality of life in America.

But that is no reason to lump all non-custodial Dads into this pathetic category of human beings. And our legal system actual fosters this insanity. Take this case in Decatur GA where a non-custodial Dad, whom the Court had accused of dodging his financial responsibility to pay his child support. Sounds like a deadbeat Dad, right?

But look a little closer and what you would find is an unscrupulous, shark who failed to provide the correct mailing address where the Dad was to mail his child support payments to.

In spite of the Dad’s continuous attempts over five months to the attorney and the Court to provide the right address the attorney and the Court failed to provide the correct address to the “deadbeat Dad”. The attorney then persuades the Mother to take the Dad to court for failure to pay child support.

And the Judge, in spite of undeniable proof of  the Dad’s attempts to contact the attorney for correct address, and the Dad’s returned envelopes showing where Dad’s payments were returned because of incorrect address, and the Dad’s numerous calls and letters to the Court asking for a correct address; the Judge signs an order holding the Dad in contempt for failure to pay his child support. Then the Judge orders the Dad to pay the attorney’s fees for “having to come to court to enforce collection of child support”.

But wait, there is more! The attorney made gross errors in computing the amount of the child support and the amount he computed for child support was almost $100 per month less than it should have been.

This “deadbeat” Dad discovered the error and promptly asked the court to adjust the child support upward. And the attorney did what? He took legal action against the Dad to deny the Dad’s request to increase the child support.

And you thought that his interest was to ensure that the mother received the accurate amount of financial support so that the child’s financial affairs could be handled. Well guess again, not only did this attorney ask the Judge to deny the increase, but he also asked the Judge to force the Dad to his attorney’s fees for having to file action to deny an increase in child support for his client.

If this sounds crazy, well it is not; it really happened and is all verifiable with court records at the DeKalb Superior Court.

This incredible saga underscores the need for a more stringent oversight of attorneys who fit the description, at least in my book, of “deadbeat attorneys”.

So yes, let’s get tough legislation and enforcement against deadbeat Dads but let us also get rid of deadbeat attorneys and lax Judges who let them perpetrate this travesty against the good Dads of America.


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Sounds unbelievable? It shouldn’t considering the inadvertent and sometimes intentional bias in America’s educational and judicial systems.
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