Why The GOP Lost!

So the buzzword now by the political pundits is “demographics”.  Garbage I say. Yep, the reason the GOP lost is garbage, not demographics.

First of all, to say the GOP lost because of the changing electoral demographics is euphemistically to say that the reason Obama won was because minorities voted for him because he was a minority. Are minorities that short sighted that they would vote for a president simply on ethnicity or color with no regard for the substantive issues of the president’s campaign? I say that to make the statement that Obama won, or the GOP lost, is because of changing demographics is an utterly racist statement.

The reason, the real reason the GOP lost was because their campaign, instead of presenting America with a viable alternative to a weakened opponent, they decided to focus on garbage like birth certificates, characterizing Obama as a welfare president and garbage like proposing a 5 trillion dollar tax cut with no clear concise strategy for paying for it.

Don’t feed me the garbage about demographics, Mr. GOP.

Instead of running a campaign that was as dirty and toxic as a garbage dump, next time try running a clean campaign focused on facts and reality. Then it wouldn’t matter what the demographics are and minorities would not blindly vote for a candidate based on skin color or race.


About WalTeRvMurrAY

Author of several books, including the soon to be best seller Man Down Man Up and the insightful The Black Cheese. As Founder and Director of The You Got Next Foundation, Compliance Audit Consultants Inc, Exec Director of SavingFathers.Org and the Editor in Chief at MBH Publishing Inc, I lead a somewhat active lifestyle.

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