Pot Calling Kettle Black!

Back in the day folks would cook over an open flame using copper kettles and iron pots. They would scrub and polish the copper kettles after using them but the pots did not receive as much attention or care. So over time the pots would get blackened from the soot.

Word on the street is that one day the iron pot met this fine looking shiny copper kettle somewhere in Washington DC, some say it was in Congress or maybe in the Senate. In its overly partisan haste to criticize the copper kettle, the pot pontificated on how black the copper kettle was and how unfit it was for office considering all the soot that had accumulated on the copper kettle.

What Romney, (uh the pot) did not realize that what he was actually seeing was a reflection of himself in the shiny copper kettle.

The moral of this story is that pots should not go around accusing kettles of not knowing how to create jobs in America when the pot, as governor of Massachusetts, had a state economy that was 47th in job creation at a time when the national economy was significantly more robust than it is today.

So as Romney stomps the campaign trail today blasting Obama for the poor jobs report, and make no mistake it is poor, he should take a moment to ask himself this question:

“Why would America believe that I can create more jobs than Obama during a time of unprecedented economic shrinkage when during a robust economy I could not create jobs in my state as Governor”?


About WalTeRvMurrAY

Author of several books, including the soon to be best seller Man Down Man Up and the insightful The Black Cheese. As Founder and Director of The You Got Next Foundation, Compliance Audit Consultants Inc, Exec Director of SavingFathers.Org and the Editor in Chief at MBH Publishing Inc, I lead a somewhat active lifestyle.

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  1. Are you going to pick one,or not. Pick one with all their flaws–stand by your man….

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