Memo to Romney & Obama: Take A Page!

The current conflict in Syria where thousands of citizens are being killed has been addressed and continues to be addressed through a philanthropic response. In addition to the horrific genocide of “somewhere between 10,000 and 19,000 Syrians” over the last year there is the issue of close to “half million Syrians are now refugees in Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan.” (RTT News, 2012).

Philanthropic organizations and individuals from the Sunni Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have been at the forefront of the philanthropic response. The Saudi equivalent of the Red Cross; the Saudi Red Crescent; has stepped in as a conduit for donations of food and supplies from Saudi citizens to refugees in Lebanon and Jordan.

But not only have Saudi citizens and philanthropic organizations come to the aid of the refugees, members of government and political leaders have stepped up to the plate. The Saudi deputy premier and defense minister, Crown Prince Salman, donated $2.6 million dollars to a fund for the refugees on the heels of an earlier $5.3 million donation by King Abdullah. To date the fund has close to $500 million dollars to support those who have been displaced by the tragic genocide in Syria. (RTT News, 2012)

As America is embroiled in a downright nasty presidential campaign which is anything but “presidential” here is a question for those two men aspiring to be leaders of the American people: “how large a check are they, Romney or Obama, willing to write for those Americans recently displaced by Isaac? Romney’s image would get a much needed facelift with a sizable public donation to victims of Isaac.

Instead of spending BILLIONS on nasty deceptive and shameful political ads maybe both campaigns should take a page from the Saudi leaders and spend that money where it counts. In fact, I have a feeling that if a candidate would spend HALF as much on philanthropic initiatives as they do on the lies that pass for campaign ads that they would get TWICE as much a boost in their poll numbers.

Just try it: I dare either Romney or Obama to take a page from King Abdullah and Crown Prince Salman.


Staff Writer. (2012, July 24). Saudi King Launches Syrian Fundraising Drive, Donates $5.33 Mln. RTT News. Retrieved from




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