Anyone for an Obama-Romney Ticket?

Here is a crazy idea. Why not have both Mitt & Barack be Presidents. We have co-captains, co-MVPs co- everything, why not co-Presidents. If they both want the best for America, why not take the one step that will show that America’s interests are more important to them than winning the Presidency. Are they willing to put egos aside and work together for the good of America?

The truth is neither Romney’s nor Obama’s policies are the cure for what ails America. They both have policies and proposals that make sense for Main Street and they both have their fair share of boneheaded poorly vetted propaganda proposals that cater to the underbelly of American partisan politics.

So how about it America; an Obama-Romney ticket?

The American system of politics is brutally flawed in that it is an incubator for partisanship. Economic platforms are not judged based on merit but they are judged based on which party proposed it. So for Democrats, any proposal from a Republican is automatically flawed and to Republicans any proposal offered by a Democrat is intrinsically worthless.

Why not get rid of the party system and get the best and brightest of America and create a non-partisan working body that gets things done. Of course there has to be proper vetting and stringent guidelines to ensure that the will of the people is not slighted in any manner but I can’t imagine any system more toxic than the current state of politics in America today.

So anyone for an Obama-Romney ticket?


About WalTeRvMurrAY

Author of several books, including the soon to be best seller Man Down Man Up and the insightful The Black Cheese. As Founder and Director of The You Got Next Foundation, Compliance Audit Consultants Inc, Exec Director of SavingFathers.Org and the Editor in Chief at MBH Publishing Inc, I lead a somewhat active lifestyle.

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