Usain Bolt: Fast Not High!

I agree with Bolt! Even though Carl Lewis’ comments were made some four years ago after the Beijing Olympics, Bolt has every right to hold Lewis in low regard.

Commenting on Bolt’s amazing victory in Beijing, Lewis commented to Sports Illustrated: “Countries like Jamaica do not have a random program, so they can go months without being tested. I’m not saying anyone is on anything, but everyone needs to be on a level playing field.”

Timing is everything. Lewis’ comments were made in the wrong place and the wrong time. In another time and place Lewis’ comments may have been given due consideration because it is in fact quite factual. There is much room for improvement at the Jamaican Anti-Doping Commission (Jadco). In spite of good intentions on the part of Jamaican Parliament to pass legislation that would make Jadco a viable and effective agency, it appears that Jamaican politics, much like US politics are not nearly as fast as Bolt!

Attempts by the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) failed to verify that Jadco is conducting any tests at all.

However, it is not a free for all in Jamaica as Lewis comments might suggest. Anti-doping measures and testing is in fact being conducted in Jamaica by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).

Here is the Spin!

The spin is that due to lax anti-doping practices Jamaica’s medal winners are some how tainted.

Well Here is the UnSpin

Jamaica is only one of many countries whose athletes excel at the Olympics that do not have stringent drug testing practices. Many of the Eastern Europe countries have lax drug testing policies.

A country’s (e.g Jamaica) lax drug policy does not automatically translate into rampant doping by its Olympic athletes just as stringent anti-doping policies (e.g. in America) do not prevent athletes from doping. The IOC tests nearly 50% of all athletes participating in the games and tests over 6,000 samples for banned substances. This is an effective deterrent for the large majority of athletes who compete at the games.

In fact, in this Olympic if medals were given out for doped up athletes then the medal count is USA = 1, Jamaica = 0.

Spin that, Mr. Lewis!

 Nicholas Delpopolo

Disqualified American athlete

Nicholas Delpopolo for Cannabis (i.e. ganja! And i thought that was a Jamaican drug!)


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