So whats Harry Reid’s problem? All this name calling about liar liar pants on fire!!

If he is going to all of a sudden develop a sense of morality that frowns on and points out the age old art of “political miscommunication” (that would be lying for regular folks like you & me!) then he needs to call out his fellow Democrats while he is at it.

The spin Harry Reid wants us to buy is that Romney is hiding some deception or falsehood on his tax returns and if he is not, then he should come clean and show his tax returns. So Mr. Harry, are you saying that Romney is guilty until proven innocent? How American of you, sir!

Of course the spin Romney is pushing is that his tax returns are completely above even the appearance of deceptive or borderline practices. Here is a question for Mitt: “How do you know what’s on your tax returns? Do you really know what complex tax strategies have been used on your returns?”.

This may sound like a unreasonable question, but recently when Romney was asked on a major network if he ever paid less than 13.9% on any of his tax returns, his response was that he had no idea what his tax rate was.

Hey Mr. Investment Guru Romney, isn’t your tax rate one the most elementary considerations when a discussing one’s personal taxes or making business decisions?

So if Romney doesn’t know this elementary information about his tax returns, does he expect us to  believe that he knows beyond a shadow of doubt that his tax returns do not have any questionaable or borderline legal stuff on his tax returns?

Yeah right Mr. Romney!

It is quite likely that both Reid AND Romney are “politically miscommunicating” (i.e. lying!). That wouldn’t surprise me.

Truth is, I heard somewhere, and I am not giving my sources (ala Reid) that all politicians are liars.


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  1. So who can we trust in Washington???

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