Really! Boycotting Chick Fil A. Yeah Right!

ImageI’m all for standing up for your rights and all that civil rights stuff. But really, boycotting Chick Fil A?

Now lets think about this without getting all worked up. And this is for both sides of the spin: the conservative Christian right spin who think all gay people are going to hell and the liberal left spin who think that anyone who does not agree with or condone gay marriage is well; like the modern day KKK.

So what is the UnSpun spin? Well the way I see it is that the same right of self expression that gays protest for and are willing to boycott Chick FIl A for is the same right of self expression that the CEO of Chick Fil A is entitled to.

Then of course, you might say this same right of self expression extends to those gays who decide to protest and boycott Chick Fil A.

What it all boils down to is there are some rights which we all have which when “over-protested” tends to lessen the impact of our protest when we indeed have a really important right that we need to protest for.

So to those on the right who protest the protest of the gay community and to those gays whose protest is being protested against: CHILL OUT!

If you want to protest a civil right being violated; how about both gays and conservative Christians getting together to march hand in hand demanding stronger penalties and more stringent legislation against sexual abuse of minors and the institutions that cover them up. This way we can smoke out perverts like Sandusky or Monsignor William Lynn who victimized children who put their trust in them. This way we hold venerable institutions like Penn State or the Catholic Church more accountable for actions of their officials.

Come on America, protesting a fast food joint because the CEO expressed dared to express his opinion? Yeah Right!


About WalTeRvMurrAY

Author of several books, including the soon to be best seller Man Down Man Up and the insightful The Black Cheese. As Founder and Director of The You Got Next Foundation, Compliance Audit Consultants Inc, Exec Director of SavingFathers.Org and the Editor in Chief at MBH Publishing Inc, I lead a somewhat active lifestyle.

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