The Spin on American-Syrian Relations

What’s next in America’s foreign policy towards Syria and Assad? Republicans blast Obama for being to soft and not doing the typical American Imperialistic thing and going in to rescue the Syrian people. The way McCain puts it you would think Syria is the 51st state that has been kidnapped by a foreign enemy and it is the government’s moral and fiduciary obligation to go rescue.

Then to hear the Democratic pro-Obama spin, we need to get international co-operation and consensus before undertaking an expensive foreign intervention.

So that’s the right spin and that’s the left spin. So what is the UnSpun position? As always, its in the middle.

Are the Republicans really that concerned about liberty and freedom for Syrians in Syria? Yeah right!

And are the Democrats really wanting us to believe that America can’t take unilateral action on foreign soil? Yeah Right!

The way i see it is that until there is an immediate and eminent threat to America’s economic, military or political interest the political posturing will continue for public consumption. In the mean time somebody’s 5 year old son or daughter will be blasted to bits by Assad’s vicious bombs against his people.


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