Not Just Another Blog!

Have you ever shaken your head in disbelief at the blatant partisan spin a main stream “credible” media journalist puts on a news report? I have. It has gotten to be so repulsive that quite frankly I can no longer stomach the main stream media spin speak.

So what do we do? We Untangle the web of spin that the mainstream spin doctors (i.e journalists & politicians) so craftily spin. What we do America is UnSpinAmerica. USA– that’s right, UnSpinAmerica.

Have you sat and listened to a politician, public figure or news journalist spinning a story to the media and you just can’t help but say “yeah right”!?: Then you will love this blog. We are a community of the “yeah right” people. We are neither right or left, just “yeah right!. We ain’t conservative or liberal, neither Republican or Democrat but we are simply the “yeah right” people.

Now this is a blog for people who don’t mind thinking. If you just want to be “fed” the news, this is the wrong cafeteria!

So join me on this blog where we will look behind the spin and explore the real stories.



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Untangling The Web of Mainstream Media Spin Speak